Corporate meetings & events are generally very dynamic in nature with strict focus on schedules, seamless organization and ease of attending the event due to the extremely busy and time bound schedules of most of the corporate participants and business luminaries. Therefore, an event management company has to be extremely proficient and well versed with handling events of corporate nature.

As a leading corporate events planner in India, Sea Hawk Resort understands that organizing corporate conferences, meetings and events requires special expertise and skills to make the event successful.
Our ability to combine the elements of energy, strategy, creativity and technology makes us a leading player in the MICE market.
We aim to deliver a well-organized and successful conference that adds value to your overall objectives.

Seminars and Conferences: Sea Hawk Resort plans and holds these meetings with targeted audiences and provides them with relevant information.
Executive Retreats and Incentive Programs: This is where the companies are spent on a per-person basis. Business development and organizational planning are typically the topics of the agenda, but equal weight is given to enjoyable activities as part of the original incentive and reward.
Appreciation Events: These programs allow an event host to spend informal time with its guests in a non-traditional environment, giving both parties an opportunity to build rapport and learn more about mutual business priorities.
Company or Organization Milestones: Company milestones provide a business or organization the opportunity to celebrate a grand opening or other major milestone or anniversary.
Team-Building Events: Team-building events are meant to build upon the company’s strengths while boosting employee confidence, goodwill, and morale. Our events also provide the unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a nonwork environment.
Product Launch Events: Product launch events can include internal meetings to inform all employees across the company about any upcoming products to full-blown launch parties that create a buzz surrounding the product’s release among customers and the media. Product launch events are most common for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies.
Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings: Board meetings and shareholder meetings both serve important purposes. Board meetings serve as an opportunity for board members to meet to review business performance and meet with company executives to make important decisions. Shareholder meetings, on the other hand, provide companies the opportunity to share recent performance, targets, future goals and business strategies with its shareholders.

Planning and Budgeting: Planning the details and working out an optimum budget is a crucial element in ensuring a successful event. Our over 20 + years of experience in managing events of all budgets/sizes empowers us to work out the exact details in terms of logistics, requirements and costs involved. Thus, with Sea Hawk Resort at work, you can simply sit back and enjoy a grand event without any hassles.

Accommodation Management: Accommodation management is a key part of the event logistics at our resort. Your delegates/guests and attendees often come to the event after traveling long distances and they need to have a professionally managed accommodation management system in place so that right from the moment they set foot in the host city, their accommodation requirements are taken care of. Sea Hawk Resort provides you great deals and an unmatched management service across all categories of guest accommodations as per your requirement.

Visual Management: The aim of any conference is to engage the speakers and the delegates in constructive dialogue and knowledge sharing. This goal can be achieved only through a high quality and efficient audio-visual system in place. Sea Hawk Resort provides you the latest techniques/equipment for your events/conferences so that you don’t face any technical glitches/lack of audio-visual equipment that could hamper the success or goodwill of your event.



Conference Material Production: Conference material is of utmost essence for effective communication and recall of an event. Being the leading Professional Conference Organizer brand in India, we understand all the material requirements of your conference and provide you with best solutions for conference kits/promotional materials/signage/delegate badges/booklets/digital material and hardware.

Airport and Transport Coordination: The conference experience of your delegates begins as soon as they touch down in your venue city. The efficient and responsive transportation system provided by you or the lack thereof will be the first impression that your participants/speakers/guests will get and a good or bad impression regarding this first service can go a long way in shaping the future of your relationship with them. That’s where Sea Hawk Resort with its vast experience of organizing and managing transportation logistics/airport arrival lounges/VIP reception at airports and transfer to venue/hotels, takes care of all the requirements. Our services are seamless, professional and we go a long way in taking care of your guests and ensuring that you get nothing but praises from them.

Staff Planning and Allocation: An often under-rated but extremely crucial service is ‘Event manpower planning and allocation’. Your event participants need professionally trained/experienced event staff at every step whether it be airport arrivals, accommodation support, conference registration or any other related activity. That’s where our expertise in staff planning and allocation comes into play. Based on our experience, we plan and allocate adequate number of rightly skilled staff to take care of various aspects of your business and ensure that there is neither a shortage nor crowding of event crew at your prestigious event.

Entertainment Management: Entertainment is one aspect of conferences which is sometimes overlooked/not given enough attention to and that can hurt the popularity of your event/conference. Delegates often look for some light/refreshing moments that they take back as joyous memories of the event. Being one of the most successful and experienced event organizers in India, we understand the importance of entertainment in the conference arena and provide our clients with an exhaustive range of entertainment options to choose from. Our entertainment management ensures that the guests are kept thoroughly entertained and often they look forward to joining our clients’ events because of the entertainment value alongside the business/knowledge sharing part.

Design Theme Conceptualization: The first major step towards execution of the event is to design the theme and concept of the event/conference. Sea Hawk Resort has a vastly experienced creative team in-house that takes care of this vital task. We take into account your vision/event goals/ branding/ participants demographics/venue constraints and technological/logistical requirements while creating the detailed theme concepts for your event. This ensures that your event always receives positive feedback from your participants and remains etched in their memories for the stylish and well branded theme presentation.

Venue Selection and Contracting: Once the dates and the venue city of your event/conference is decided the next crucial step is to select a venue and to secure it for your event by contracting. Since we have worked with almost all major venues/hotels across India during our 19 years of operations, we know the strengths and constraints of each venue inside out. We are specialists at choosing a venue that is best suited to your conference/event requirements in terms of/logistics/space/location/ cost as well as statutory regulations etc. Thus, with our venue selection and contracting services, your event preparations are bound to kick start on the right note.

Signage Management: An event can’t be successful without well planned, blended and adequate signage. While we create a signage plan for your event, we take into account your branding, venue constraints and requirements, the various options to be employed and the global practices in terms of conference/event signage. This ensures that adequately visible/informative and well branded signage is present at your event and it not only enhances the value of your event, but, provides the participants with enhanced comfort and hassle free movement in and around the venue.

Food and Beverage: Food and Beverage score very high when it comes to their percentage in delegate comfort experience. While well planned menus taking into account the demographics of the participants of an event/seasonal/weather related issues at the venue, go a long way in ensuring a delightful F & B experience for the participants, a haphazardly put menu which doesn’t cater to the palate of participants can be disastrous. That’s where our expertise ensures that the food and beverages at your event will always be top notch and your guests will relish the experience.

Exhibition and Displays: Conferences, Summits and medical association meetings provide ample opportunity for participant organizations/sponsors to display their products/services and initiatives etc. during the event. Sea Hawk Resort ’s excellent design and fabrication team ensures that our clients get brilliantly done exhibition stalls/product displays and digital displays etc and reap rich dividends from their exhibition participation. Our experts not only budget, design and fabricate the exhibition stalls for you, but, they also provide a range of related services such as material production, manpower services etc to make your exhibition display a memorable and highly fruitful experience.

Tours Management: In today’s busy lives, events and conferences provide an excellent opportunity to unite work with relaxation and it is a common practice among outstation/international participants to opt for sight -seeing tours in the region that the conference is being held. Our vastly experienced tour managers provide customized tour options for your event participants and undertake all related local logistics requirements etc to ensure that they not only benefit from the conference but also relish the travel experience of the same.